Admin Login, IP, User & Password is an IP address that is used to access modems and routers in home networks. With the use of this IP, one can log into their routers and manage many settings. This specific IP is mainly used for routers of brands like Intel, D-Link, or Luxul. There are many such IPs which can give you access to bridge, print server, or act like enterprise access point control panel. Some of them are,, or These sets of standard IP addresses are termed as Default Gateway IP.

This is a private IP address that is registered by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) and is part of a wider private network range of It is mostly used to access the management interface in order to change settings or check statistics, manage data traffic, etc. Though mostly technicians need this IP address to configure your modem but it could come handy when you want to change the Wi-Fi password or have some parental control.

In this article we will see how you could log into your modem using this IP and also some common user ids and passwords for accessing the admin navigation panel:

Steps to Login into the Admin panel

The following steps must be carried in order to successfully log into your router’s admin page:

  1. The basics need to be in place, hence check that your router is working properly and your device is connected to the router. For those using a Wi-Fi (wireless) connection, you would need to make sure that Wi-FI is working properly and is accessible.
  2. From any of your devices (PC, SmartPhone, tablet, etc) open any browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) and type http:// or simply in the URL space. A common mistake made by people is that they type space instead of a dot in between the number, so avoid doing that and check the URL if you have mentioned 192.168..0.10 or 192 168 0 10, instead of and correct it.
  3. Once you have gotten to the login page of your router you will be prompted to enter Login Id and password. In most routers, the Id and password are both “admin” but if that is not the case then you would need to enter the login credentials assigned to your router. There are some common Login ID and password combinations that are mentioned in a separate section in this article below.
  4. Once you log in, be sure to take a backup of all the settings before changing anything. In case you make mistakes in modifying the settings then you can always re-install the backup to get it back to its original state.
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Troubleshooting if you cannot connect to

In case you are unable to connect to your router’s admin page, there are a few things you could do to fix this issue:

  • One common problem is the connectivity issue hindering your access to the IP address. Check if the Ethernet cable is connected properly to the modem or if you are using Wi-FI then its connectivity is functioning as expected. If there are any issues then you could unplug and re-plug the cables or re-start the modem by switching it off, waiting for 10 seconds or more, and switching it back on.
  • It is possible that you have entered the user name and password combination incorrectly. The below list would help you in finding and trying different combinations of user names and passwords used commonly for different modem models. Login – Username & Password

User NamePassword

Some Router models that use as their default IP

  • StarTech PM1115UWGB :– default user name/password –> admin/(blank)
  • Comtrend PG-9182AC:– default user name/password –> root/12345
  • Intel Wireless Gateway II (AP1210):– default user name/password –> admin/admin 

Conclusion: is part of private IP addresses and follows the protocol version IPv4. Using this you can access the management or admin panel of the router to check many things like security of your network, update your login credentials, and many other vital parameters of your router.

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